About us

CORRECTIV is the first non-profit newsroom in the German-speaking region. We’re investigating injustice and abuses of power. We’re promoting media literacy and are implementing educational programs. Our goal is an enlightened society. Because only well-informed citizens can solve problems and bring about improvements democratically. Our team of reporters conducts investigations on topics of high relevance, uncovers injustices and abuses of power and makes complex interrelations understandable.

We are sure, our democracy does not function without an independent, strong journalism. Currently, however, journalism is under twofold pressure: On the one hand, digitalisation is destabilising the conventional media revenue models. On the other hand, enemies of open society attempt to discredit journalists through disinformation.

CORRECTIV is mainly financed by donations and contributions from foundations. This makes us independent of advertising revenue, sales figures and quotas. We can concentrate on time-consuming investigations and high-quality content. We are committed exclusively to truthfulness and the common good. For us, other media are not competitors, but partners. With our work, we contribute to diversity and quality in the media system.

How we work and publish

We initiate investigations which we make available to cooperation partners or investigate directly together with our partners. Thus, complex projects that classic editorial teams would hardly be able to handle on their own, are made possible.

Our cooperation partners publish the joint research results via their respective medium – print, TV, radio or online – and in the way that suits their brands. In addition, we make our investigations freely available to bloggers and citizens for their own needs.

The central publication platform of CORRECTIV is the website. In addition, there are newsletters, social media offers, podcasts and bookzines. Most of our content is free so as to reach as many people as possible. Beside that we publish books and graphic novels. These books we sell in our webstore to support our activities.

Our work does not end with the publication of a story. At events such as the Campfire Festival, we hold discussions with the general public on current journalistic and political topics. With our fact checks, we help people to distinguish between verified facts and mere assertions. With the Reporterfabrik (Reporter Factory), we run a media academy for everybody and train interested people in workshops. By familiarising as many people as possible with the mechanisms of journalistic work, we promote media competence and improve debate culture in society. Our training programme enables people to obtain information for themselves and to uncover injustices and abuses of power.

This educational mission is the central core of our task as CORRECTIV: Our journalism is not an end in itself, but it is our means to improve the education of people and to contribute to the enlightenment of society.